super absorbent polymer for sanitary napkin

Super Absorbent Polymer For Sanitary Napkin

Super Absorbent Polymer Blood Test
Experiment Purpose:verify the difference between WSJ-01 model super absorbent polymer and well-known brands in absorbing real blood.
1.Paper State Experiment
Experiment: Inject 10ml of blood separately for each super absorbent polymer.
Conclusion: WSJ-01 has the fastest absorption and the most absorption, and the other are basically not absorbed.
2.Real Blood Absorption Speed Test
Conclusion: WSJ-01 is active absorption, other products are floating.
3.Flat Blood Test
Conclusion: WSJ-01 is slightly unabsorbed at both ends of the sanitary napkin, and all other samples are tested for flow. Apparently, only non-woven fabrics absorb it, and the super absorbent polymer does not absorb it.
Experimental Summary
(1) WSJ-01 is active absorption, the absorption speed is the fastest, the state after absorption is the best, the absorption amount is the largest, and the re-infiltration rate is also the smallest;
(2) Products of well-known brands are passively absorbed and not absorbed.
WSJ-01 absorbs blood more actively and quickly, avoiding the second contact between blood and human skin. Thus effectively inhibiting the growth of bacteria and preventing gynecological diseases.

WSJ-01 VS Competitor's Product-Testing by National Standard Liquid
International Standard SAP-B for Absorbing Blood (Upgrade Version Of WSJ-01 Model )
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