super absorbent polymer for sanitary napkin

Super Absorbent Polymer For Sanitary Napkin

SAP-B World Class Ⅱ:Model WSJ-01

The superabsorbent polymer is added to sanitary napkins to prevent leakage, to be comfortable, and to be thinner. But most sanitary napkins on the market use blue liquid, water, or saline to test sanitary napkins. Can these fluids really replace blood? What is the difference between the so-called high-end SAP with HOW U® superabsorbent polymer when really absorbs blood? Please see the experiment below.

Super Absorbent Polymer Blood Test
Experiment Purpose:Verify the difference between WSJ-01 model super absorbent polymer and well-known brands in absorbing real blood.
1.Paper State Experiment
Experiment: Inject 10ml of blood separately for each sap polymer.
Conclusion: WSJ-01 has the fastest absorption and the most absorption, and the other are basically not absorbed.
2.Real Blood Absorption Speed Test
Conclusion: WSJ-01 is active absorption, other products are floating.
3.Flat Blood Test
Conclusion: WSJ-01 is slightly unabsorbed at both ends of the sanitary napkin, and all other samples are tested for flow. Apparently, only non-woven fabrics absorb it, and the super absorbent polymer does not absorb it.
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Experimental Summary
(1) WSJ-01 is active absorption, the absorption speed is the fastest, the state after absorption is the best, the absorption amount is the largest, and the re-infiltration rate is also the smallest;
(2) Products of well-known brands are passively absorbed and not absorbed.

WSJ-01 Unique Properties:1>Active in blood absorption. 2>Super fast second absorption. 3>Lock blood quickly.

Benefits For Sanitary Napkin

>Effectively solve the problem of side leakage.
>It is not easy to breed bacteria, which is more conducive to skin health.
>Reduce blood clotting and adhesion phenomenon, increase breathability.
>Improve the user's instant dryness experience.

WSJ-01 VS Competitor's Product-Testing by National Standard Liquid -VIDEO
For blood-sucking superabsorbent polymer,we are real experts.
International Standard SAP-B for Absorbing Blood (Upgrade Version Of WSJ-01 Model )
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