Super Absorbent Polymer Manufacturer

HOW U ® - International Standard Lead Drafter

HOW U ® (since2003) with the register capacity 39.368 million RMB, based on the field of superabsorbent polymer, strictly follows the high-quality brand way and devotes itself to providing a whole new experience for customers of hygiene products and industry. After many years of development, How U has developed into a super absorbent polymer manufacturer integrating research and development, manufacturing, sale, and service. Now it has six series including dozens of innovative products.
In 2013, with the strong support of the National Standards Committee and the Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the company decided to undertake two international standards, "Blood Polyacrylate Sodium Salt Highly Absorbent Resin Part 1: Test Methods" and "Part 2: Specifications" Development work. Due to the advanced product technology in China, the leading blood-sucking time index and the inclusion of technical patents, some foreign companies have vigorously hindered the introduction of this standard. The National Standards Committee organized experts from China National Institute of Standardization and relevant professional technical committees to participate in the proposal of the standard with the enterprise , Preparation, committee deliberations, inquiries, and other staged procedures, and cleverly proposed that the standard indicators be divided into two grades, the first grade blood sucking time is less than 50 seconds, and the second grade is more than 50 seconds, so as to win the understanding and support of most countries . After five years of hard work, on August 14, 2017, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued and implemented these two international standards led by HOW U. HOW U also successfully converted core patented technology into international standards, thus establishing China's competitive position of the product in the global market and breaking the monopoly of foreign companies.
Focus on brand building, improve corporate visibility and global influence. The company pays close attention to product quality and continuously improves product quality through technological innovation. Increase brand awareness and influence through brand building. It has been repeatedly reported by Xinhua News Agency and CCTV-4 and has been praised by the mainstream national media. Again won the AAA standardization of good behavior enterprises, Shandong Province well-known trademarks, Shandong Province standard innovative enterprises, Shandong famous brand products, and several provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and other honors. The company sells high-quality superabsorbent polymers to more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country, including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Guangdong. HOW U also sells to more than ten countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Malaysia.
HOW U pays close attention to the transfer mode and adjust the structure, thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, and improve production efficiency. We are guided by the scientific concept of resource-saving and environment-friendly development. Through the transformation and upgrading of equipment, the company accelerates the pace of transfer and structural adjustment. We are also actively promoting the construction of a 40,000 ton per year high absorbent resin project. This project is the first automated production line with independent intellectual property rights in China. Production efficiency, lower product costs, can greatly promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, optimize the surrounding environment, and realize a high-growth enterprise that absorbs 700 million RMB in revenue and profits and taxes over 100 million RMB.
HOW U will continue to increase product research and development to meet the requirements of end customers. With high-quality products and sincere service, we will go hand in hand with Chinese and foreign customers to create brilliant!
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