ISO First Class SAP-B For Blood

Superabsorbent Polymer For Absorbing Blood

SAP-B World Class Ⅰ: Model SAP-B

HOW U ® Broke The Inyiternational Monopoly of The Superabsorbent Polymer Industry
ISO Standard Class I Product SAP-B | Sole Supplier HOW U ®

Superabsorbent Polymer SAP-B : A Truly Blood-sucking Product In Seconds

The new product world-class SAP-B absorbent polymer absorbs 5 ml of blood in less than 50 seconds.We are the sole supplier of SAP-B in the global. This technology is more than 400 seconds shorter than the current market-leading products. Thorough solves the problems of side leakage, reverse osmosis, and adhesion. And also reduce the use of wood pulp downstream products by 70% -80%.

ISO Identified SAP-B As Class I Of SAP For Absorption of Blood

On August 14, 2017, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issued and implemented "Sodium polyacrylate superabsorbent resin for blood absorption Part 1: Test methods" and "Sodium polyacrylate superabsorbent resin for blood absorption Part 2: Specifications" International Standards. HOW U was the lead drafter of these two international standards. According to ISO19699-2, the absorption rate of Class I products must be ≤50S. Our SAP-B is by far the only product that meets ISO Class I standards. These two international standards fill the gaps in the SAP international standards. It promotes the transformation and upgrading of China's super absorbent polymer industry. Meanwhile, it solves difficult blood absorption problems for the global resin industry.

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Real Blood Test Of World Class I SAP-B Product

Unique Performance:Large Blood-sucking Capacity and Instant Absorption
Traditional Wood Pulp Core VS HOW U Superabsorbent Polymer Compare Video
1. The low absorption rate of the wood pulp itself (absorption capacity is 50 times it's own) will cause reverse osmosis and side leakage.
2. SAP itself will absorb a large amount (absorbed hundreds or even thousands of times), which will reduce the risk of reverse osmosis and side leakage. 3. In addition, the SAP-B we developed is a truly active and rapid real blood-absorbing SAP. It can quickly absorb menstrual blood and lock it firmly to keep the skin dry. More healthy to the skin. It also has good liquid permeability and will not concentrate on menstrual blood somewhere. Reduce the risk of side leakage.

Advantages of World Class SAP-B Superabsorbent Applied to Sanitary Napkins

Effectively solve the problem of side leakage.

Quick absorption plays a vital role in solving the side leakage problem. SAP-B redefines the international blood-sucking standard and the blood absorption speed of ≤50S. It is recognized as the first-class product by the ISO standard.


Reduce the breeding of bacteria and the trouble of gynecological diseases.

SAP-B is a new generation product developed on the basis of absorbing blood. Really suck blood and lock firmly. Avoid secondary contact between blood and human skin. Moreover, SAP-B has low reverse osmosis which can reduce skin irritation and enhance skin safety.


Improve user experience:dryness, breathable, and comfortable. Sanitary napkin users can feel it instantly.

SAP-B has fine particles, good liquid permeability, and high absorption rate properties. It will take the initiative to suck blood and reduce fluid obstruction. At the same time, it can firmly lock the blood and keep the surface dry. Make the sanitary pads more comfortable and breathable.