Development History

  • 2003

    Foundation of How U
  • 2005

    The super absorbent polymer with the function of absorbing blood,urine was invented and applied for national invention patent.
  • 2007

    Two national standars:GBT22875-2008 super absorbent polymer for sanitary towel(sanitary napking or sanitary pads) and super absorbent polymer for diaper drafted by our company were set up the project in Oct.In Nov. we obtains the certificate of national invention patent.
  • 2009

    The two national standards of GBT22875-2008 super absorbent polymer for sanitary pads and GBT22905-2008 super absorbent polymer for diaper put into effect.
  • 2011

    Solving technology problem:yellow resistance in hygiene products,the technology is in the leading position in the world.
  • 2012

    New 10000ton SAP production line put into productin,the total capacity reaches 15000 ton.
  • 2013

    We attended the meeting of 62nd annual meeting of ISO/TC61 technology commission in Suzhou on Sep.8-13,2013,the secretariat of TC61/SC11 agree to establish SAP new working team,two international standards were accepted.
  • 2014

    WG12 working team was established and the project were approval in the meeting of 63nd annual meeting of ISO/TC61 technology commission in HAWAII on Sep.22-27,2014
  • 2015

    The first 40000 ton SAP automated production line with intellectual property trail operation in HOW U Company. The project of two international standards pass through CD stage successfully before meeting and announce the project goes into DIS stage in this meeting. Finish share holding reform.
  • 2016

    The science and technology TV program win in 48 second about How U SAP has been broadcasted in CCTV-10 approaching science channel on March14,2016 which was made by national standard commitee and CCTV. Take part in the Non-woven fabric exhibition, Miami, USA. Reach an agreement with American agent.
  • 2017

    Take part in the Geneva international non - woven cloth exhibition, Switzerland. Open up the international market again.