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Super Absorbent Material

Superabsorbent For Medical&Healthcare

Super absorbent material is a functional polymer chemical material. It is a superabsorbent can absorb water and also can absorb blood.From the perspective of the medical and healthcare services, its water absorption and water retention can be applied. Its gelling, slow-release, adhesion, swelling and many other functions can be widely used in medical hygiene services.

Super Absorbent Polymers Application

1.Used as medical blood-sucking and liquid-absorbing material. General medical blood-sucking and liquid-absorbing materials include cotton wool, gauze, or liquid-absorbing toilet paper. Because of its excellent absorptivity and affinity with living organisms, superabsorbent resins have been developed for use in medical pads, bandages, surgical pads, and various pads for gynecology. As well as disposable mats and other materials suitable for inpatients and urinary incontinence patients.

2.For medical cold storage and heat storage materials. The water absorption of the superabsorbent resin reduces the number of free water molecules, effectively obstructs the flow of liquid, and reduces the convection and transmission of heat. Therefore, it has become a good heat storage and cold preservation material. If it is mixed with a refrigerant or a heating agent, it can be made into ice packs, ice pillows, and various heat packs.



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